Find More Birds

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A photo-filled trove of tips for seeing more birds wherever you look, from crowd favorites (hummingbirds, owls, eagles) to species you’ve never spotted before

What’s the one thing everyone wants to know about birds? How to find them! Every day on social media, we see unbelievable photos—from majestic hawks to woodpeckers with impressive carpentry skills to brilliantly colored wood warblers feasting on wiggling caterpillars. You may wonder: Where are these birds? Will I ever be able to see a bald eagle in the wild? We think we must either have incredible luck or travel far and wide on special guided excursions to ever witness such things. Enter Find More Birds, the ultimate bird-spotting tool, packed with tips and tricks for finding birds anywhere. You’ll not only discover more birds, you’ll experience their fascinating behaviors and drama for a lifetime.