365 Kittens-A-Year Picture-A-Day Wall Calendar 2023

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Here are the cutest of the cute, the winners of the annual Kittens of Distinction Contest. 365 Kittens-A-Year— now with 3.1 million copies in print—is the world’s bestselling kitten calendar. And here’s why: No other calendar is as jampacked with irresistible kitten antics. Each month’s spread features a large full-color photo at the top of the page and dozens more throughout the grid. Here are kittens in bowls, kittens in baskets, kittens in shoes, kittens stalking invisible prey, and kittens asleep in cuddly piles of other kittens. So many kittens, so much energy, charm, and sweetness—with just a hint of mischievousness. The photographs are accompanied by kitten facts, care advice, and quotes: “If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat.”—Mark Twain. Printed in the USA on responsibly sourced paper.