A Field Guide to Cheese Card Deck

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A Field Guide to Cheese Card Deck is the ultimate compendium to use in learning all about cheese. Adapted from Artisan’s book A Field Guide to Cheese, this card deck features profiles on over 30 must-know cheeses with detailed stats on their origin, type of milk, fat content, and more. The deck is organized by cheese family, with 11 cards that explain each one—from cheeses with natural rinds to fresh cheeses, pressed cheeses, and more—plus 11 cards that guide readers through how to pair each type of cheese and additional cards with instructions on building cheese platters and boards. With universally beloved cheeses like feta and fontina, Gouda and mozzarella, Pecorino Romano and chèvre—but also rarities like King River Gold, a washed-rind cheese from Australia; Dancing Fern, a raw cow’s-milk cheese from Tennessee; and Danbo, a semisoft, aged cheese from Denmark—this informative and highly giftable card deck is for professional mongers just as much as it is for those with a simple love for cheese.