A Field Guide to Tequila

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For both the tequila curious and the tequila connoisseur, A Field Guide to Tequila is the reader-friendly bible on everything there is to know about the increasingly popular Mexican spirit: the history, the production, the producers, plus how to select, taste, and identify real tequila.

Tequila is predicted to soon become the most popular spirit in the United States, and yet few people know much about tequila’s long, layered history, the quickly evolving industry, and what goes into the tequila designation. A Field Guide to Tequila is the ultimate guide to the world of tequila, for margarita lovers to 100 percent agave sippers and everyone in between. Written in easy-to-digest sections, underscored by photographs, illustrations, and charts, readers will discover everything there is to know about tequila: from the precolonial vino de mezcal to the establishment of tequila’s denomination of origin (the largest in the world!), from blue agave to blancos and anejos, from expert guides on how to properly select and taste tequila to recipes for the perfect paloma or sunrise. The book features profiles on all the must-know producers, from industry giants like Patron and José Cuervo to innovators like G4 and Cascahuín. Informative essays shine light on hot topics that will bring readers’ expertise to new levels, including the terroir of tequila and why so many celebrities are starting tequila brands. A Field Guide to Tequila dismantles tequila’s old reputation as a party drink and reveals the truly sophisticated nature of this hallowed spirit that dates back more than two hundred years.