A Genial Senior’s Companion to Aging

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While there are endless books on being young, there are precious few on how to embrace the aging process. We don’t think we’re old until suddenly we can’t do something that until now has never been a problem. We don’t feel we’re old because our habits and reactions were formed when we were younger; and as they served us well, we see no reason to change them. But growing older inevitably brings new challenges, and A Genial Senior’s Companion to Aging is here to help anyone face the later years of their life with a refreshing, reassuring, and humorous approach.
A brilliant new aphoristic talent, Peter Buckman distills over two hundred topics into sage wisdom, including:  
Questions should be answered seriously when they come from our grandchildren, though of course we are entitled to embroider the truth.”
Respect should be accorded us for our sheer survival, if not for our achievements!”
Secrets are not all that safe when we grow forgetful about who we’re not supposed to share them with.”
Technology is mostly what our grandchildren handle, as they’re the only ones who have the patience to enlighten us duffers.”
More than a compilation of complaints about health, this book thoroughly examines the preoccupations of today’s seniors and encourages readers of all ages to view elders in a brighter light: not just older, but most certainly wiser.