A History of Music in Western Civilization

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From anonymous 10th century troubadours to world-renowned 20th century composers, A History of Music of the Western World explores the roots of the most influential music genres of our time. Essential listening for students and lovers of great music, the collection includes stimulating discussions by 15 prominent music authorities, including Christopher Hogwood and Dr. Wilfrid Mellers.

The collection includes

1) New Arts for Old: Medieval Music 1100-1480
2) Musick's Feaste: Music of the Renaissance 1480-1600
3) "A Pearl Distorted": the Baroque Period 1600-1750
4) Sonata and the Creative Ideal: The Classical Period 1750-1830
5) Expressions and Extravagance: The Romantic Period 1830-1900
6) Reaction and Revolution: The Modern Period 1900-1945
7) Contemporary Music 1945-1980
8) Approaches to Popular Music 1960-1980
9) From Cave to Cavern: The History of Percussion Instruments
10) Islands in the Sun: The Story of Reggae and Calypso
11) A Jug of This: An Introduction to English Folk Music
12) Instruments Around the World