A Pretty Implausible Premise

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An unforgettable story of loss and love for fans of Jandy Nelson and Nina LaCour.
When Hattie and Presley meet, it’s basically love at first sight. Their connection seems, at first, as implausible as the bestselling and famously far-fetched novel that Presley’s mom wrote. It starts to seem impossible when they realize what they have in common: both are grieving, living in worlds haunted by ghosts. Hattie gave up on her future as an Olympic swimmer after a boy drowned while she was on lifeguard duty; Presley abandoned his figure-skating career when his twin brother died in a car accident. They find comfort in each other, but like the wildfires that surround their California town, the ghosts from their pasts can’t be held off for long.
A Pretty Implausible Premise is an immersive story about grief, forgiveness, and the surprising power of first love.