And West Is West

And West Is West

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“A calculated nail-biter that shines a dark light on life in the 21st century.” —The Washington Post

“A story no one has ever written before, and one we all need to read . . . Impressive and keenly relevant to our time.” —Barbara Kingsolver

When Jessica, a young Air Force drone pilot in Nevada, is tasked with launching a missile against a suspected terrorist halfway across the world, she has no choice but to comply, even if it means women and children will be killed too. Meanwhile, Ethan, a young Wall Street quant, develops an algorithm that enables his company’s clients to profit by exploiting the international financial instability caused by exactly this kind of antiterrorist strike.

These two are only minor players, but their actions have global implications that tear lives apart--including their own, as they are cast out by
a flawed system and forced to take the blame for the orders of their superiors.

Award-winning author Ron Childress has crafted a powerful, politically charged, and terrifyingly real novel for our time.

“Extraordinary.” —The Kansas City Star
“This compelling debut novel . . . dramatically examines the insidious role unrestrained technology plays in the moral and ethical corruption of people, institutions, and government . . . An excellent story, well told, suspenseful, and tragic.” —Publishers Weekly

“This powerful and morally chilling tale depicts the chasm modern technology can create between actions and consequences.” —Library Journal

“A smart, satisfying work about real people navigating the uneasy compromises of today’s world. With sharp writing and likeable characters, Ron Childress has woven a very human story out of the tangle of conflicts--military, political, financial--that bind us together.” —Washington Independent Review of Books, “2015 Best Novels of the Year”

“A master study in how people can emotionally detach themselves from the damage they cause in our computer-driven world.” —The Washington Post