Audubon Engagement Calendar 2023

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This is the cornerstone of the Audubon calendar program, now boasting more than 2.3 million copies sold lifetime. Featuring breathtaking, full-color images by the world’s best nature photographers, Audubon Engagement is a tribute to the wilderness, its spectacular landscapes, and the flora and fauna that rely on its preservation to live. The soaring red formations of Bryce Canyon blanketed by snow. The intense gaze of a Great Horned Owl as it lands on a tree stump. The delicate contours of a gorgeous calla lily.
And a shimmering water channel, or “beaver highway,” meandering toward Oregon’s South Sister Mountain. Detailed captions accompany each image, and the practical weekly grids include plenty of space for writing in appointments and reminders. Printed in South Korea on responsibly sourced paper.