Baby Names That Stand the Test of Time

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There are tens of thousands of baby names—and books that dutifully list them. And then there is Baby Names That Stand the Test of Time—a curated, considered, and occasionally opinionated guide to help expectant moms and dads make smart choices, sidestep the trendiness trap, and avoid the ranks of parents (some 54%) who later regret the name they chose.

This is the book for parents who know they are not naming a cuddly newborn but an actual human being who will be proud to carry this name throughout his or her entire life—a name like Eloise, the French version of Louise, which means “fighter,” perfect for a strong girl; Brendan, a solid Celtic name meaning “prince”; or Beatrice, an old-fashioned beauty with roots in both Dante and Shakespeare. There’s a strong case for each name selected, plus the name’s definition, its use in history, its connotations and subtleties, and its “meaning” in the fuller, cultural sense of the word. Included are variations, nicknames, and—especially useful—alternative names that have the same flavor but may sound better with a particular last name or family background. There’s also a guide to the basic rules of baby-naming: scansion—the sounds, syllables, and rhythm of a name, and how it goes with a last name; ethnic traditions; recent trends; and effective use of a middle name.

Formerly published as 1,107 Baby Names That Stand the Test of Time, and now repackaged in a more contemporary and giftable package, it’s the book that modern parents need when searching for a name that reflects their values and that will bring joy to their child.