Tracking the American Black Bear

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Few animals have defined the North American wilderness as deeply as the black bear. They have been essential to indigenous cultures in North America, the feared predators of early pioneers, and today they’re appearing in urban areas at remarkably increasing rates.
In Tracking the AmericanBlack Bear, Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant explores the black bear’s cultural impact and ecological necessity. She details the ways human development have affected bear habitats and populations, and how these changes have shaded human-bear interactions. Wynn-Grant also weaves in her personal story throughout. As a woman of color working in a field dominated by white men, Wynn-Grant is a vocal advocate for diversity in STEM and offers an inspiring example to aspiring scientists from non-traditional backgrounds. Supported by photography from nature photographer Tsalani Lassiter, Tracking the AmericanBlack Bear is for readers of books like Eager and American Coyote and for people seeking out new voices in science and nature writing.