Brain Quest Math Workbook: Pre-Kindergarten

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Written and vetted by educators and aligned with math standards, discover the ultimate Pre-Kindergarten math workbook from America's #1 educational bestseller.
It’s fun to be smart! From the brand that’s loved by kids, teacher approved, and parent trusted, Brain Quest Workbook: Pre-Kindergarten Math is packed with hands-on activities that introduce and reinforce essential math concepts that prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. The workbook includes kid-friendly explanations and targeted support throughout, plus an illustrated glossary and additional resources in the back.
Concepts featured
  • Counting & Comparing
  • Sorting & Matching
  • Shapes & Patterns
  • Order & Position
Comes with
  • Stickers
  • Progress map
  • Completion certificate
  • Mini Smart Card question-and-answer deck