Crossfire Hurricane

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“Josh Campbell’s book offers extraordinary and entertaining stories at the center of the Trump storm. With experience, humanity, and humor, Josh brings the reader deep inside the FBI during some of its most difficult days. And by making the bittersweet decision to leave his beloved FBI to speak about the institution as a journalist, he is able to offer the unique perspective of both Special Agent and CNN analyst.”
—James Comey, former director of the FBI and bestselling author of A Higher Loyalty

From an FBI insider, a riveting, fly-on-the-wall account of the historic investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia and the president's unprecedented attacks on the bureau—and a passionate defense of the men and women who work every day to uphold democratic institutions and the rule of law.

Titled after the FBI code name for the initial investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, Crossfire Hurricane chronicles President Trump's relentless attacks on the FBI. Josh Campbell, a career special agent who served under Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald J. Trump before resigning from the FBI in February 2018, takes readers behind the scenes of the Russia investigation’s earliest days and makes a compelling case that Trump's campaign of attack poses a threat to public safety

Campbell, who has twelve years' experience working on some of the FBI's highest-profile operations and is now a national security expert for CNN, was special assistant to James Comey. Using a combination of firsthand experience and reporting from sources still within the Bureau, he offers an inside perspective into the FBI that will captivate readers struggling to make sense of a news cycle careening out of control.