Darkspace Calamity

Darkspace Calamity

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“Relic Knights fans rejoice! Follow your favorite racer on a nonstop roller coaster to save the last galaxy from the Calamity. Sci-fi and fantasy blend in this must-read adventure.” —D. W. Vogel, author of the bestselling Horizon Alpha series

The Calamity is coming. 

Darkspace spreads across the sky as esper—powerful magic that gives everything form and life—is consumed. One by one, the galaxies have vanished. Only a single galaxy remains, and its inhabitants know the Calamity could strike at any moment. 
Princess Malya never wanted much to do with the fate of the galaxy. She’d be happy just to travel around the galaxy participating in the most risky and exhilarating sport in existence. But then a pirate captain tells her that she’s key to his plan that just might stop the Calamity.

It’s a vague plan, and honestly a complete long shot. Even if Malya believes the cryptic prophecy of an insane space witch, the plan requires noble paladins and bloodthirsty corsairs to actually cooperate. With such impossible odds, Malya almost wants to keep running and leave saving the universe to anyone else. 

But even Malya cannot outrun the Calamity. To protect the people she loves and maybe even the galaxy itself, she must pull off her craziest stunt yet.

"The fate of the Last Galaxy rides fast and dangerous on Darkspace Calamity's colorful cast of characters." —Christopher Keene, author of the Dream State Saga