Date Smart

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Mindset Shift #1—There’s a Time to Date and Time Not to Date

Sometimes we have HUGE expectations for the ideal relationship. Like the people in them, every relationship is an imperfect work in progress, and we often need to shift our mindset to create relationships that help us be our best. From practicing clinical psychologist Carla Marie Manly comes a practical guide of 33 vital mindset shifts that lead to healthy, happy dating, including:
  • Mindset Shift #5—Appropriate Boundaries Are Essential
  • Mindset Shift #10—We All Have the Same Basic Needs
  • Mindset Shift #24—Be Ready to Accept the Whole, and 30 more!
With real-life examples, the latest research, and no-nonsense advice, Date Smart teaches the modern single adult how to tailor-make your dating and relationship experiences to suit your needs, and, most important of all, how to tune in to yourself as the ultimate guide for what is healthy and positive for you.