Fermented Vegetables, 10th Anniversary Edition

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Since the first edition of Fermented Vegetables was published in 2014, enthusiasm for fermentation has bubbled over—in part, because of the ongoing research into the importance of gut health. Unlike other forms of food preservation, fermenting offers the benefit of boosting gut health while introducing unique flavors into ordinary dishes. Kirsten and Christopher Shockey have been at the forefront of the fermentation movement and are two of its most widely respected teachers. Fermented Vegetables has become the go-to reference for people who want to start fermenting; its broad scope, accessible recipes, and attractive package, combined with the Shockeys’ authority, are a winning combination.

The second edition of the book builds on the the success of the first, with new techniques like using Japanese pickle beds and turning ferments into seasoning pastes and powders. It includes 65 new recipes; other recipes that utilize fermented foods have been revised to minimize the use of animal products and alcohol. In addition, the authors have written 8 new fruit and vegetable entries and 12 new profiles, which feature producers from around the world. All information about the science of gut health has been updated to reflect the enormous amount of research that has been done over the last decade.