Forcing, Etc.

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Imagine it: the glorious color and fragrance of a garden in bloom, brought indoors. Paperwhites at Thanksgiving. Crocus, amaryllis, and tulips for the holidays. Great vases of flowing forsythia filling rooms with spring---in the dead of February. It's all the magic of forcing bulbs, branches, and blossoms, and here's the book that shows how.

Written by award-winning author Katherine Whiteside and drawing on the plant- and bulb-purveying expertise of Smith & Hawken, Forcing, Etc. combines hands-on-how-to with an artist's passion for detail to show how to grow dozens of common and exotic plants, including hardy bulbs--crocus, narcissus, muscari, and iris; tender bulbs--oxalis, calla lily, clivia; branches--apple and apricot to bittersweet, moosewood, and quince; and tender plants--fuchsia, coleus, clematis, lemongrass, and scented geraniums. In addition, the author focuses on presentation and display: choosing unexpected containers; creating tripods, trellises, and tuteurs; and orchestrating an indoor garden for balance of bloom and color.