Ghetto Gastro Presents Black Power Kitchen

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A celebration of Black culture as well as an indispensable cookbook, Black Power Kitchen is the first cookbook from Ghetto Gastro, a culinary collective that uses food as a platform to spark conversation about larger issues surrounding inclusion, race, access, and how food—and knowing how to cook—provides freedom and power. Black Power Kitchen arms readers with 75 recipes (the majority of them plant-based), more than 150 photographs, and thought-provoking contributions on topics ranging from the work of Black mothers to the importance of resistance and rebellion.
Black Power Kitchen is Ghetto Gastro’s manifesto to advance the Black community, shine a light on all that the culture has to offer, and feed their people. The recipes are accessible, nourishing, and sustainable, and include Pistachio Plantain Curry, Black Power Waffles, Jackfruit Griot and Quickles, Banana Leaf Fish, and a Deconstructed Apple Pie. Black Power Kitchen reframes the idea of “ghetto” as a reclamation of all that is good in the Black community, centering food as a means of both nourishment and advancement. Written with James Beard Award–winning writer Osayi Endolyn and with gorgeous artwork and a highly visual design, Ghetto Gastro Black Power Kitchen is a powerful introductory book from important voices in the food and design worlds.