Horizon Delta

Horizon Delta

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Jonah’s destiny was in the stars. If everything had gone according to plan, Jonah’s descendants would have lived long and happy lives on a colonized planet. But space is unforgiving. Time, travel, and an unforgiving meteor leave their ship stranded centuries from their final destination. Jonah and his younger brother are among the few survivors crowded into a tiny transport, waiting to die. 

When they are picked up by something that better resembles a hole in the universe than a spaceship, the refugees believe they’re saved. Until one by one they start to go missing. 

With the alien pilots willing to kill every last human in pursuit of their scientific experiments, escape is Jonah's only option. He embarks on a perilous rescue, taking on aliens who see him as a dumb animal, as well as the unavoidable dangers of space itself.

The fate of a long lost planet hangs in the balance as Jonah tries to save his brother, his people, and the remnants of humanity from enemies more ruthless and advanced than anything they could have imagined.