Horizon Delta

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Jonah’s destiny was in the stars. But he didn’t expect it to be on an alien spaceship with man -eating plants.

If everything had gone according to plan, Jonah would have lived and died aboard Horizon Delta. And he had been looking forward to a long and happy, carefree life. 

But when Horizon Delta wrecks in the emptiness of space, he and his younger brother are among the few survivors crowded into a tiny transport. Waiting to die.

When a huge ship arrives and quickly invites Jonah’s transport on board, the Horizon Delta refugees believe they’re saved. But the dark ship’s aliens have other ideas.

Held in a livestock cargo bay and seeing his fellow refugees disappearing one by one, Jonah knows that escape is his only option. With true horror awaiting him and his kid brother, he embarks on a perilous rescue, aided by an unlikely hero of the past. And Jonah’s plan is their only hope for survival.

The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as Jonah risks everything to save his brother, his people, and the human race.