How Light Makes Life

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In How Light Makes Life, biologist Raffael Jovine takes us on a journey of discovery into the intricate, beautiful, and often surprising processes that convert energy from the sun into life—and how all-important these are to our survival. Despite the unprecedented challenges Earth faces from global warming, habitat loss, air pollution, and population growth, Jovine shows us that there is hope to be found. Photosynthesis is the very source of life: It has the power not just to produce food but to reshape continents, drive biogeochemical cycles, stabilize the climate, and regulate weather.
In this exciting, revelatory book, Jovine unveils a blueprint for the future: greening the desert, bringing the ocean on land, planting mangrove forests and oyster banks, and growing algae for animal feed, human food, and soil carbon. He demonstrates how, by harnessing photosynthesis, we can regenerate the planet and revise the way human beings interact with it. This book will help you to see the world in a different way, in all its wonderful detail—through the photosynthetic pigments in your eyes.