How to Nourish Yourself Through an Eating Disorder

How to Nourish Yourself Through an Eating Disorder

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A much-needed guide for adults on how to tackle an eating disorder and rebuild a healthy relationship with food

For many people, thinking about food is just one small part of their day—but for those struggling with an eating disorder (ED), these thoughts take over and leave them desperately asking, “How can I eat normally again?”

Dietitians Wendy Sterling and Casey Crosbie have the answer: the Plate-by-Plate Approach®, a no-numbers, visual method that teaches readers how to restore their relationship with food using only a ten-inch plate. This approach works across all eating disorder diagnoses—in conjunction with medical and psychological treatment—and helps individuals: 

  • Break free from the physical and psychological traps of an eating disorder 
  • Learn how to plate meals and snacks without measuring or counting 
  • Heal their relationship with their body and repair their body image 
  • Eat flexibly, paving the way to intuitive eating and a renewed sense of joy around food.