I Am, I Can, I Will

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Bold statements, compelling biographies, and thoughtful prompts lead young Black girls on a journey of self-discovery in this beautifully illustrated guided journal.
I Am a change maker. I Can do great things. I Willachieve the unexpected. With these powerful mantras and more, young Black girls will feel empowered, emboldened, and enlightened as they embark on a journey of self-discovery. Knowing the stories of those who came before you is a great tool to learning your own strengths and putting your intentions into action. With biographies outlining the lives and accomplishments of famous historical and contemporary Black women, young readers are provided with real-life examples of how they can implement what they learn in their own lives. And with the addition of guided questions and prompts, Black girls are led through a process of self-reflection, bringing them closer to the women who came before them and acknowledging their own potential to inspire and lead.