I Can't Wait

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With a length of brilliant red thread, Serge Bloch weaves the eloquent tale that is life’s journey. As various as the tree in Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, the thread represents the emotional bond between husband and wife, the bit of color on a bleak day, the bow in her hair, the wave good-bye. It pushes and pulls, it gets tangled and taut, it embraces and secures, it gets yanked, rent, and lets go.

All the momentous events and the heart of ordinary life—the joy, the sadness—are captured in 150 words and 25 two-page illustrations, executed in simple black lines and red embroidery thread. This virtuoso performance by an award-wining artist and his collaborator—both masters of the minimal—is at once profound, witty, warm, and wise. This is a gift book for any occasion.