Kids on the March

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From the March on Washington to March for Our Lives, the powerful stories of kids speaking out, protesting, and marching for justice.
Throughout U.S. history, kids have exercised their constitutional right to protest injustice and demand change.

They have been part of and even launched their own protest movements. Long before they could vote, kids have spoken up, walked out, gone on strike, and marched for racial justice, climate protection, gun control, world peace, and more. 

Kids on the March tells the stories of these protests, from the March of the Mill Children, who walked out of factories in 1903 for a shorter work week, to 1951’s Strike for a Better School, which helped build the case for Brown v. Board of Education, to the kids who have led the charge in the twenty-first century’s most iconic movements, including Black Lives Matter, the March for Our Lives, and the Climate Strike.
Powerfully told and inspiring, Kids on the March shows how standing up, speaking out, and marching for what you believe in can advance the causes of justice, and that no one is too small or too young to make a difference.