Men and Angels: The Art of James C. Christensen

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A major retrospective from the master of fantasy fine art Artist James C. Christensen's keen observation of humanity and endless supply of imagination have made him one of the world's most beloved artists. From his childhood in Culver City, California, to his professional career at Brigham Young University, Christensen has cast his perceptive eye on the world, translating it into engaging and inventive art. Men and Angels is the definitive retrospective on Christensen, who was at the forefront of the resurgence of fantasy-as-fine-art just as Tolkien merged literature and fantasy.

At the height of reactionary pop art, in the 1960s Christensen's classically inspired art was considered a throwback, influenced as it was by such masters as Albrecht Dürer, John William Waterhouse, and Jan van Eyck. Although labeled a fantasy painter early in his career, Christensen grew to defy categorization with his astonishing range of subject matter and style.

The lively text conveys his contagious enthusiasm for art history and his understanding of the evolution of the human spirit through art. This masterly body of work, represented in more than 300 paintings, will be cherished by collectors, educators, and art lovers.