My Mom's the Best Mom

My Mom's the Best Mom

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She was there from your very first memory. She plans your birthday parties, but yells when you forget to put away the toys. She kisses the bruises and scrapes and fevered forehead, and makes them better. She stands up for you at school, but brooks no nonsense when it's time to do homework. She cuts out of meetings to see you play soccer, and tells you a joke after the game you lost. And while Dad says you look perfect no matter what, Mom gives it to you straight--including when you really are perfect. The relationship between a mother and child is as honest as it is loving as it is pragmatic as it is forever.

Stuart Hample, who has been listening to and writing down the words of children for years and years, presents his newest collection of gems--dozens of reflections, appreciations, misgivings, and accolades from kids about their moms. Co-editor of Children's Letters to God, with over 1 million copies in print, and, most recently, Me and My Dad,

Mr. Hample has perfect pitch when it comes to hearing what children say: "When I wanted a sister she took that into consideration. So now I have one." --Flora

"My mom says whoever took out the garbage without being asked I am very proud of you." --Andy

"She says yes when she needs to say yes, and says no when she needs to say no. But I don't like to get kissed first thing in the morning." --Vanessa

"She may not be perfect but I think she's as close to it as a mom can get." --Lola