NPR The Best of Carl Kasell

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“Presumably, the day I was born was the most important day of my life, but I don’t remember that. I do remember the day I met Carl Kasell, though, so that tops my personal list.”  - Peter Sagal

For 30 years, Carl anchored the newscast for Morning Edition, and in 1998 he became Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me's official scorekeeper. In honor of Carl's impressive, steady, and often hilarious contributions to its essential programming, NPR is proud to present this collection of unforgettable highlights as tribute.  
Hosted by Peter Sagal and featuring WWDTM panelists and other NPR luminaries recalling favorite stories involving Carl, plus highlights from the Carl’s crowd-pleasing farewell tour as official judge and scorekeeper of America’s favorite radio news quiz. Carl fans from every corner of the Wait Wait universe show the love, including testimonials from Stephen Colbert, Tom Hanks, Katie Couric, President Barack Obama, and more.
Featuring Brian Babylon, Roy Blount Jr., Amy Dickinson, Adam Felber, Kyrie O’Connor, Charlie Pierce, Paula Poundstone, Mo Rocca , Faith Salie, and more.

·         Carl’s Voice Mail Greetings
·         I Live Alone With Pebbles
·         Dancing Through the Aisles With a Rousing Rendition of “Kumbaya”
·         Man Up and Say I’m Fat!
·         Thanks God For Victoria’s Secret New Underwear Line

And many more.