Old School

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What does it mean to be “old-school”? It means rediscovering the feeling of self-worth that comes from doing things yourself, with your own two hands. It means avoiding ready-made (and chemical-laden) products, choosing instead to make things from scratch with all-natural materials. It means rediscovering the value in stepping away from the screen, in slowing down, and in spending time together, just doing. It means preserving what you have, making what you don’t, and wasting as little as possible.
                Old School features more than 100 skill-based projects for every room in the house. In the kitchen, readers will learn how to dehydrate fruits and herbs and regrow veggies from kitchen scraps. In the bathroom, they’ll make all-natural toothpaste and learn to snake a drain. In the laundry room, they’ll fix a seam and shine their shoes; and in the garage, they’ll jump-start their car and change a bike tire. The book is packed with step-by-step illustrations, lists, and charts (ranging from the medicinal uses of essential oils to the proper ironing temperature for different fabrics); also included is an appendix of all-natural recipes for cleaning everything from tile grout to gold jewelry.