One & Done

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Only doesn’t mean lonely. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and even a family with one child is complete and whole. But every family is unique, and raising an only child can seem daunting.

As a therapist, the mother of an only child, and an only child herself, Rebecca Greene is an expert in the variety of issues that surround raising an only child, and she knows that parenting an only child is a complex endeavor, no matter how you came to be one and done. This comprehensive guidebook will explore the reasons why a family might have one child, discuss the benefits of having an only child, debunk the stigmas of only children, and provide tips and strategies for creating a happy home environment and building a strong community for your only child. It covers what to do when your only child is lonely, how to develop new family traditions, how to plan meaningful trips for your family, how to choose the ideal neighborhood, and more!

Packed with research, first-hand accounts, and tried-and-true methods and advice, One & Done: The Guide to Raising a Happy and Thriving Only Child is the ultimate resource for raising a happy and thriving only child.