Oregon and Washington's Roadside Ecology

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Roddy Scheer reveals 40 forest, wetland, outcrop, alpine, waterfall, and fossil-laden ecosystems across Oregon and Washington, with a view to including those that showcase landscapes which are truly exquisite or reveal something quintessential about the area’s natural history or ecology. All will be easily accessible from roadsides, though lesser known so promote a feeling that a true expert on the region is guiding the reader through some of its most surprising and delightful areas.

As Scheer shows the reader details of the landscape they would never have noticed on their own, appreciation for the beauty and quirks of nature grows. Each walk will showcase unique ecological features as well as the general natural history of the particular site, with attention to shedding light on the unique geologic origins of each locale as well as how glaciation, volcanism, and/or other factors played a role in molding the landscapes we see today. Oregon and Washington's Roadside Ecology will be an easy way for visitors to dip into a site, learn something they can’t believe they never knew, and in so doing grow an appreciation for the region’s unique natural history.