Pizza Boy and the Super Squad

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Peter “PB” Barnes’s whole life all of Surly has pushed him and J together. Now he wants more than taking care of pigs and dating his predetermined soulmate. But ditching your soulmate is tricky business.

In retaliation, J turns to stay-at-home criminal mastermind Soccer Mom. With Soccer Mom pulling the strings, what starts as a little bit of sabotage turns into a conspiracy of food and espionage that could throw the town of sleepy Surly into total chaos. Soon J and Peter are caught up in a war that leads to runaway pigs, dance battles, and a slew of food poisoning.

With the help of Guy the Guidance Counselor and a squad of misfit crime-fighting kids, Peter takes up the mantle of Pizza Boy. Now it’s up to Pizza Boy and the Super Squad to stop Soccer Mom and her criminal underworld before everything in Surly is under her control.