Plant-Based India

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Indian food like you've never seen it before, in this unique vegan cookbook with over 100 stunningly photographed plant-based recipes and tons of health tips from a doctor who shows that food is the best medicine

Vegans may think they know Indian food—it’s already a hugely popular choice for meatless eating, even though most plant-based Indian cooking is actually vegetarian. So they’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the totally-vegan recipes in Plant-Based India, a collection of lower-fat, plant-forward recipes rooted in Indian tradition.

Dr. Sheil Shukla grew up eating these traditional dishes at mealtimes with his Indian immigrant family, and now, he uses his medical background to break down why they’re not just delicious—they’re great for your health, too. For example, Shukla provides everything you need to know about turmeric, a popular spice in Indian cooking that’s also known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. Each recipe in this book includes an explanation of its ingredients’ health benefits (and the benefits of eating a fully plant-based diet), drawn from scientific evidence.

Here are nutritious, exciting recipes for each component of a balanced meal in the thali tradition: vegetables, grains, flatbread, salad, pickles, and snacks, along with condiments, spice blends, sweets, and drinks. Each dish is accompanied by beautiful photographs taken by Shukla himself, who’s built a fanbase of 58k followers for his Instagram @plantbasedartist with mouthwatering images of traditional foods. Fans of plant-based and Indian cuisine alike are sure to enjoy recipes such as:
  • Zuchini Muthiyā (multigrain zucchini snack cakes)
  • Citrus Fennel and White Bean Salad
  • Butternut Squash and Mushroom Biryāni
  • Rotli (whole-wheat flatbread)
  • Gājjar No Halvo Baked Oatmeal (spiced carrot oatmeal pudding)
  • Mango lassi (mango smoothie)
Plant-Based India also includes primers on plant-based nutrition, the traditional Indian pantry, and cooking tips and techniques to help with trying out dishes and working toward health goals. Whether they’re exploring something different or finding a new way to enjoy familiar favorites, cooks are sure to fall in love with Indian vegan cuisine.