Pop Goes the Circus!

Pop Goes the Circus!

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The members of Sir Sidney’s Circus look everywhere. They don’t know that Bert the circus mouse has been carried away by a huge balloon. Meanwhile, far away, Flora Endora Eliza LaBuena LaPasta is tired of being ignored. Her parents seem to have no time for her as they prepare for a new baby, so Flora comes up with a plan to mail herself to her friends at the circus.

A popped balloon and a mixed-up shipment bring Bert and Flora together. In the worst of times, a best friendship is born. But how long can a tiny mouse and a runaway girl survive in a world of bad drivers, angry mobs, and greedy robbers?

The pals must find their way home in Pop Goes the Circus!

“Engaging black-and-white illustrations, with loads of word balloons, and charming humor make this another winning addition to the series.” —School Library Journal


“With this series, youngsters will find reading smooth sailing and look forward to future escapades.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A fun pick for fans of silly stories and for reluctant readers, too.” —School Library Journal

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