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An amazing guide to the best courses in golf's homeland.

Every golfer who's worth his favorite putter knows where golf is great: Scotland, birthplace of the game and still its most important shrine, from the splendor of St. Andrews to the regal resort at Gleneagles. Whether golfers actually make the pilgrimage or arm-chair it, Scotland: Where Golf Is Great proves indispensable as the most luxurious, entertaining, informative, and exhaustive book on this destination. Written by the bard of Scottish golf, it combines the most authoritative information with the most beautiful prose and the most stunning color photographs—an unsurpassed celebration of the places where golf is, indeed, great.

Not only is the golf great, but so are the sights, the dining, the lodging—and it's all here: the pub lunches and three-star dinners; the country-house hotels and full-service resorts. Jim Finegan's singularly insightful advice includes the very best play-and-stay combinations for once-in-a-lifetime perfect golf days, in this once-in-a-lifetime perfect golf book.