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A debut thriller that will causes countless sleepless nights! A California oceanfront hotel, twenty stories of ultimate luxury and the most sophisticated security system money can buy, is less than a week away from its exclusive grand opening. Manderley boasts a private beach, a hedge maze, and floors and floors of rooms that sit beautiful and empty. Tessa, the manager, has a mile-long list of tasks to get through and is short staffed. Complicating matters is the fact that Tessa's foster brother, Brian -- with whom she was in love but hasn't seen in years -- suddenly reappears. As the two of them explore the hotel's bright, silent spaces, Tessa's employees begin to disappear one by one. A masked killer stalks the halls for reasons unknown, leaving bloody bodies in the darkening suites -- all of it captured by security cameras hidden in every room, monitored by… someone. Before the night is over, before Tessa wins or loses in her desperate struggle to survive, it will become clear that the strangest and most terrible truth at Manderley is simply this: "I'm watching." In the tradition of gothic and popular horror, with echoes of The Shining and Psycho, Security redefines fear for a generation that's seen it all.