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No Hallmark card could ever do justice to the fierce, authentic, often quirky, and—no matter what—complex bond that forms between sisters. Enter Sisters, the perfect tribute one sister can give another to say how much she appreciates her.

The authors and illustrators, Alice Lieu and Doris Lieu, are sisters themselves. They are also co-owners of the delightfully cheeky stationery company, ILOOTPAPERIE—and Sisters brings all of the bright, bold artwork, funny engaging text, and attitude of their paper products to the idea of sisterhood. As Pam Brown said, “Sisters are your second self.”
And they come at it from all different directions: Sister Movies We Love, from A League of Their Own to (obviousl!) Sister Act. Famous sisters, including Linda and Loretta Sanchez, the only sisters to serve in Congress together. Words to live by: A sister is . . . someone who helps you put sunblock in the hard-to-reach spots and tells you when you’ve got white streaks all over your face. Plus fill-in sister greeting cards, Things Only a Sister Knows, and quotes: “Sisters are your second self.” —Pam Brown