So. Many. Letter Stickers.

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Say it, shout it, declare it—letter it—with stickers! Introducing So. Many. Letter Stickers, a new addition to the lively and popular So. Many. Stickers. series with 188,000 copies in print. Because expressing yourself is fun, and expressing yourself with stickers is even more fun.

The first book devoted entirely to letter stickers, So.. Many. Letter Stickers features 50 pages of bold, bright, and gorgeously designed alphabets—from script to bubble to elegantly patterned—for a variety of moods and occasions. These stickers are perfect for adding personality and life to planners, scrapbooks, notes, invitations, photos, and any piece of paper in need of pizzazz. 

And yes, in case you were wondering, each page includes multiple stickers for commonly used letters, so you don’t have to worry about running out of Os or Ms before you finish crafting your message. It’s an irresistible gift or self-purchase for crafters, for letter writers, for sticker collectors, for word lovers.