Star Wars: A New Hope - The Original Radio Drama, Topps "Light Side" Collector’s Edition

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This special collector’s edition, illustrated by Matt Busch, features:

  • Limited 7,500 print run
  • Topps Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope card that corresponds to the package cover art
  • 6 hours of the Star Wars Original Radio Drama, with a cast lead by Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels,  John Williams’ iconic score, and Ben Burtt’s irreplaceable sound effects
  • 35 minutes of  rare bonus audio: “The Making of the Radio Drama” audio documentary, interviews, and  promo spots created for the original radio broadcast
  • 8-page booklet featuring images from the the recording sessions and the Star Wars: A New Hope movie
  • High fidelity MP3-CD edition

When this series was first broadcast on National Public Radio in 1981, it generated the largest response in the network’s history:  50,000 letters and phone calls in a single week, an audience of 750,000 per episode, and a subsequent 40-percent jump in NPR listenership.

This landmark production, perhaps the most ambitious radio project ever attempted, began when Star Wars creator George Lucas donated the story rights to an NPR affiliate. Writer Brian Daley adapted the film’s highly visual script to the special demands and unique possibilities of radio, creating a more richly textured tale with greater emphasis on character development. Director John Madden guided a splendid cast—including Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels, reprising their film roles as Luke Skywalker and the persnickety robot See Threepio—through an intense 10-day dialogue recording session. Then came months of painstaking work for virtuoso sound engineer Tom Voegeli, whose brilliant blending of the actors’ voices, the music, and hundreds of sound effects takes this intergalactic adventure into a realm of imagination that is beyond the reach of cinema.

(Includes the same content as the “Dark Side” edition except for the Topps card with corresponding cover art.)