Star Wars Tales of the Jedi

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Follow the adventures of Ulic Qel-Droma and Nomi Sunrider, young Jedi Knights drawn into battle against the dark side, a battle that may decide the fate of the planet and the galaxy!

Written by John Whitman, based on Tom Veitch’s comic
Directed by Kevin Thomsen
Music by John Williams

David Scott Gordon as Ulic Qel-Droma
Skip Lackey as Cay Qel-Droma
Mark Feuerstein as Tott Doneeta
Melanie Mitchell as Nomi Sunrider
Larry Keith as Arca Jeth, Ommin
Paul Condylis as Thon
Thom Christopher as Freedon Nadd
Michael Louden as Oss Wilum
Christopher Sena as Andur Sunrider, Satal Keto
Aden Gillet as Oron Kira
Peter Newman as Novar
Chris Phillips as A-3DO, Gudb
Tony Sperry as Quanto, Rek
Ben Lipitz as Nikto
Bud Thorpe as Bogga, Warb Null
John Randolph Jones as Gobee
Allison Dougherty as Galia
Garet Scott as Aleema Keto
Kim Brown as Vima Sunrider
Teri Keane as Amanoa
Jay Gregory as Ood Bnar
Barbara Gilbert as Computer
Peter Larkin as Narrator