Tabletop Gardens

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While the love of plants is evergreen, houseplants have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years. You can now find them alongside ceramics in your local housewares stores and have them delivered to you through subscription services like the Sill. In this guide to indoor planted flower projects from greenery guru Baylor Chapman, plant lovers can take their obsession to new and creative heights. Chapman teaches readers how to create beautiful, flowering plant pairings that go well beyond a simple sansevieria in a pot; these creations can serve as eye-catching centerpieces in any home. Each of the 30 projects in this book specifies the type and quantity of plants needed and includes clear instructions for every step. Traditional pots and plant containers are used, but so are less conventional vehicles and methods, like a colorful patterned tote and a vintage metal toolbox. The book also provides planting techniques, sourcing and plant care information, and expert advice. The result is a must-have handbook to stunning living plant decor that anyone can achieve.