Terrain's Houseplant Hunter

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There are myriad guides to houseplant varieties and beginner manuals on the market—but none approach the topic through the lens of a seasoned plant buyer. Enter: Terrain. Their trendsetting buyers travel the world in search of the most unusual and spectacular houseplants on the market, and in this book, they bring readers along for the ride.

Terrain’s Houseplant Hunter provides readers with an introduction to Terrain’s favorite plants—where they come from, how to care for them, and how to decorate with them—along with profiles of their favorite growers, collectors, gardens, and conservatories. Sure, everyone knows that monsteras and pileas have been “in” for years, but learn why Terrain loves the caudex and the variegated white aloe. Tour the Chiang Mai Plant Market and the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens, and glean expert care and buying tips from professional growers. And, of course, get lessons on recreating the Terrain look when styling your plants at your home.
All told, the book is a one-of-a-kind deep dive that offers design inspiration, unique insight into the wider world of houseplant growing and collecting, plus all the information readers need to bring these special characters into their homes and watch them thrive.