The 2012 Moon Almanac

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Your Complete Guide to Moon Facts and Sights in 2012!

The first of its kind, The 2012 Moon Almanac packs essential information on all things lunar into one handy annual reference. With this almanac, you’ll have at your fingertips:

● The rising and setting time and position of every full moon in 2012
● Dates to see the Moon near Venus, Saturn, and other bright lights in the night sky
● Highest and lowest tides of the year, and brightest and darkest nights
● Traditional names of the full moons, moon gardening lore, conjunctions with the zodiac constellations, and fun facts on “Full Moon History.”

Also included are all the details on this year’s not-to-be-missed lunar events:

● “Supermoon” on May 5
● Annular Eclipse of the Sun (by the Moon) on May 20
● Partial Eclipse on June 4
● Blue Moon on August 31
● Penumbral Eclipse on November 28

And as an added bonus, a pullout Moon Calendar Card with an at-a-glance image of the Moon’s phase for every day in 2012—perfect for amateur astronomers, hunters, fishers, gardeners, students, and sky watchers young and old who keep an eye on the Moon.