The 365 Kittens-A-Year Wall Calendar 2017

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Take the cuteness of a kitten (awwww), and multiply it by 365. Talk about over the top—and a formula for bestselling success, with 3 million copies sold. Starring the charming winners of the 23rd Annual Kittens of Distinction Contest, 365 KITTENS-A-YEAR is packed with the tiny pink noses, perky ears, fuzzy-wuzzy tails, and wide-eyed, innocent expressions that make kitten lovers swoon. On each full-color spread is one large photograph, plus smaller pictures throughout the grid. Here are kittens peeking out of boxes and baskets. Playful kittens tumbling head over heels. Plus sleepy kittens, curious kittens, goofy kittens, and whole litters of kittens in snuggly little heaps. Engaging text about kitten behavior, training advice, and health and care tips accompany each month’s images.