The Breathwork Companion

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Breath is our most intimate relationship with life, but as we age and experience the challenges of being human, we unconsciously learn to breathe shallowly by tightening our bodies and holding our breath to avoid experiencing painful or unsafe feelings. These responses to everyday obstacles we may encounter, to chronic stress, and to traumatic events can become habitual over time. How we breathe affects how we experience life, and this book is here to help us fix our breathing, change our energy state, and connect to our whole brain, sense of well-being, and more. Connecting to our breath is integral to our health and well-being. And The Breathwork Companion will teach us how and why.
Through exercises, inspiring true stories, prompts, and more, The Breathwork Companion gives readers the tools to build a steady breath practice to help heal and comfort. There are practices for waking up the body in the morning and for turning down the body at night; for partner breathing, a side-by-side breath bath; and how to soothe the body following trauma. In these challenging times, Townsend reminds us that we can always rely on our breath for comfort, empowerment, and self-compassion.