The Dungeons of Arcadia

The Dungeons of Arcadia

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The ancient magic of Arcadia fuels a vicious attack. Dwarfholm Bastion is about to fall.

Gork, the prince of the dwarves, has a plan that might just save his people and prove himself worthy to his father. As a last hope to defeat the invading orcs, Gork embarks on a dangerous mission to the deserts of Arcadia.

Joining him on his quest are the famously hazardous Nyan-Nyan, the Chaos Kitty; and Terras, an inventive druid sent to find the missing Princess Ruby. The unlikely team has no idea what’s ahead of them. There’s a reason the secrets of Arcadia’s tombs have remained hidden for so long—the horrors within are fed by an ancient portal to the Dark Realm. None who enter the catacombs will return alive. 

Gork must balance the fate of his realm and the fates of those closest to his heart as he faces the demon within the Dungeons of Arcadia. If he succeeds, he just might turn the tide in the war against the Dark Consul.