The Forgotten King

The Forgotten King

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Treffen Cedarbough has trained his whole life to protect the Fae Woods. He knows what plants to eat and what plants will eat him. But most of all he knows that light magic in the Woods comes from the great and powerful Deeproot Tree. As the newest member of the Rangers, Treffen has vowed to protect the Tree with his life.

When a deadly attack comes too close to Treffen’s home, he seeks guidance from the elven elders and receives an ominous prophecy directly from the Tree. An old enemy of the kingdom, the Forgotten King, plots to break free of his ancient prison. And according to the prophecy, it’s up to Treffen to stop this evil from escaping.

With the help of a pedestrian knight and an adventuring princess, Treffen confronts the darkness. But each battle brings them one step closer to the Lordship Downs, the heart of all evil in the Woods, and to the Forgotten King’s carefully laid trap. Deep into enemy territory, Treffen must choose between his sacred oath and the lives of his closest friends.

"D. W. Vogel's writing style is amazing and draws you deep into the bright and vivid world of Junior Ranger Treffen Cedarbough. You really feel like you are there sharing in the challenges, adventures, and excitement."

-Dave Killingsworth, Owner, SolarFlare Games