The Great American Seafood Cookbook

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For health, for variety, for flavor, seafood is the choice for an ever-increasing number of Americans. And this book is the seafood-lover's bible, featuring over 250 innovative and exciting recipes from homey fried clams to Aromatic Portuguese Hake to Salmon with Roasted Tomatoes and Garlic Cream; instructions on checking for freshness; clearly illustrated directions for fundamentals such as cleaning, skinning, and filleting fish; and step-by-step explanations of basic cooking methods that any beginner can follow.

While writing the book, the author spent a lot of time with the people who make their livings from American waters, and her book is filled with their voices. With information, recipes, and thoughtful digressions about fish and the people who harvest them, plus a lexicon describing hundreds of species of edible sea creatures, The Great American Seafood Cookbook is a must for every seafood lover. Selection of the Better Homes & Gardens Family Book Service and Quality Paperback Book Club, and main selection of the Book-of-the-Month Homestyle Club. 130,000 copies in print.