The Healing Journal

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Write to overcome the toll of chronic or invisible illness with 50 affirmations, writing prompts, and soothing illustrations

The Healing Journal is a dynamic, illustrated guided journal to empower those living with chronic illness to cope with the ways illness impacts daily life. It provides an outlet for readers to freely express their experiences related to illness and enables them to explore their own strength and resilience. Research suggests that writing expressively and sincerely about personal struggles and traumas improves physical health. Rooted in mindfulness and positive psychology, each of the 50 topics in this journal is explored through the pairing of an affirmation with relevant journaling prompts and a nature-inspired watercolor illustration.

The writing prompts and affirmations in this journal will help the reader to:
  • Cultivate  self-compassion and hope  surrounding their personal healing.
  • Develop self-care tools and strategies best suited to their unique illness. 
  • Advocate for their health in medical settings and among family, friends, and coworkers.
  • Utilize mindfulness, positive psychology, and practices of gratitude to maintain a healthy emotional state.
  • Recognize patterns related to their illness in order to effectively manage symptoms.