The Joke-Off

Regular price $14.95 is more than an internet sensation with a devoted, massive audience spanning generations and crossing cultural boundaries. It’s a living, breathing cultural phenomenon that has survived thousands of years: Old friends coming together to share company, memories, and, most importantly, side-splitting laughs. In that spirit, the Old Jews have gathered once again, this time for a face-to-face, smile-to-smile, roundtable session in which they perform all new jokes. With The Joke-Off, there is friendly sense of competition as one joke inspires another, but an even greater sense of delight in keeping a much-loved oral tradition alive.

  • “The Pickle Slicer”
  • “The Blonde in First Class”
  • “The Pimple”
  • “Painting the Porch”
  • “The Continuing Adventures of Becky and Jake”
  • and many more.