The Negroni & The Martini (Special-Edition Box Set)

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With The Negroni already in its 4th printing just three months after publication, and with The Martini on the horizon for Fall 2021, this special-edition box set of the two books is the perfect addition to Hranek’s already popular and covetable men’s titles, as well as Artisan’s growing men’s and drinks program.
The box set includes a copy each of The Negroni and The Martini—both books are filled with gorgeous imagery and delicious cocktails. Each box set also includes 8 cork coasters, 4 of the cover image for The Negroni and 4 of that of The Martini.
This handsome, sophisticated set will surely be welcome by Hranek’s fans, and by men who want something unique, elevated, and timeless for their home library and bar.